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It's me.

Kira here! I have always loved anything creative and off the beaten path. I am a collector of funky clothes, sparkling rocks, textiles and anything that could be used as art supplies. My fascination with photography started with dozens of disposable cameras when I was growing up.  I studied photography in college and tried on many hats in the commercial photography world – producing shoots, wardrobe & prop styling, post-production, etc. This 10 year journey had me working with some of the best in the biz from NY to LA and CO, before making a full circle back to my camera. Now I can't stop capturing the moments and every second in between!


I shoot for emotions – genuine smiles, tears of joy, unaltered happiness. I want you to look back on these moments and feel them with your soul.


A few things you should know:


  • My nickname – Kiki – was given to me before I was named Kira

  • I like to venture to different locations, connect with interesting people and make great pictures

  • I love fashion, exploring nature, furry friends, and creating things with my hands

  • I am a closet singer and love to cook [sometimes at the same time, but only when nobody's home] 

  • I like to think that my clients and I are long lost friends

  • I'm quirky and personable

  • I'm a firm believer that pizza and laughter are the best medicines


I was raised by the ocean and now live by the beauty of the mountains in Colorado. When I'm not taking pictures, I'm most likely playing monster jam with my 3 year old son, park hopping, snowboarding with my husband, on a walk with our Blue Heeler, Z, camping, or in search of a body of water to dive into on a warm sunny day! 


Want to know anything else? Just ask!


                                                                    XX Kira 


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