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Bella Vista Fairytale Wedding

Updated: Apr 30, 2021

This one's a special one y'all! Alexandra [the bombshell bride below] is my mom's goddaughter and my godmother's daughter! Does that make sense? The Gesten and Dowling families are amazing and even with a busted knee [that is now almost healed] I had the time of my life and shed some happy tears.

Also featured is her amazing new husband, Brent, his Australian crew, loving family and friends and golden fur babies. What more could you possibly ask for!?

Cheers to Mr. and Mrs. Dowling!

This wedding checked all of the boxes of fairytale wedding:

√ Private Mountain Top views in Steamboat

√ Princess Dress

√ An amazing bride and groom

√ Dancing Aussies

√ 3 Golden Retrievers

√ An epic sunset

√ Sweet sentiments from friends and family


Coordinator | Madison @ LaDolce Events

Shoes | Jimmy Choo

Catering+Desserts | Lulu @ Amuse Bouche

Floral | Fiori Flowers

Hair | Megan Montoya

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