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Search for Santa Fe

We were in search for warmth. The end of May in Colorado was still pretty chilly. Our Floridian veins needed a heavy dose of warm sunshine and water. We ventured blind due south; the first time either of us had crossed the border to New Mexico. We passed through towns that once had seen a glimmer of hope as the steel mills roared, but soon were abandoned. New mountain ranges on the horizon were quite a spectacle. Living in Colorado you think, 'I've seen some amazing vistas already', but soon you find that every range is unique and stunning in itself. Our first point of interest was Old Stage Coach Hot spring. Naturally nestled upon the Rio Grande. Miles and miles of sage field brought us to a hiking trail and down to the spring. Finally, WATER.

Finding a camping spot was next and naturally, when the forests say you can camp anywhere, I look for the closest body of water. There was a reservoir - or so said Google - so we headed that way. About an hour off-roading [again through sage fields], GPS plotted us IN the reservoir, though no water was in sight. Never trust Google Maps. Luckily, we ended up near the tiny, artsy town of Taos and found a nice plot by a babbling brook.

Day 2 we were on the road again to Santa Fe. Such a lively, art-filled culture for an afternoon exploration. Three hours, a two mile walk, and 1 VERY SPICEY pepper later, we were back in the Santa Fe National forest. This land was one hot commodity on Mem Weekend! We drove all the way to the top of the mountain –where the green Aspen leaves twinkled – for a place to build a fire and rest under the stars.

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