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Kiri & Kira

My Grandpa Jack used to call me Kiri. He was the only one who ever called me that, and since his passing years ago, I haven't heard the name since. I knew Kiri and I would have a connection.

I met Kiri on a shoot in Boulder, when I was working my other life in wardrobe on a commercial shoot. It was her first booking as talent, but no one believed her for a second! She was the sweetest gal [I dare you to not smile when she's around], had a really cool look and was a natural in front of the camera. We decided to collab on a fun shoot together and pulled wardrobe from her funky thrift finds [a girl of my own heart<3]. Metallic skirt – yes please!!

Back in October I shot a session with a couple and we ended up at the Denver Performing Arts Center. It blew my mind. I couldn't believe that I had never been there before, especially with my love for performing arts. The architectural lines wowed me! I knew I wanted to come back and explore it even more.

Kiri and I got to the parking lot and it was absolutely deserted. The sun was shining through the concrete windows as we circled up and up and up. We decided to jump out of the car and shoot in the glowing sunlight. Next, we headed to the top of the garage – also deserted – a cityscape, concrete beauty. After an outfit change and making due with what we had in my car after forgetting some key items, we headed down to the performing arts center for the last bit of golden hour.

We shared lots of laughs and got really innovative when we were in a tight spot. This girl is a gem! I love making new friends :)

Model | Kiri Morken

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